Wednesday, May 6, 2020

New reviews of Zen and the Art of Funk Capitalism

New reviews of Zen and the Art of Funk Capitalism:

Zen and the Art of Funk Capitalism


Carol Roberts
May 05, 2020 [Carol Roberts rated it "Amazing!"]

Of all books entitled Zen and the Art of something that I have read, this one is the most enlightening. The author started this book with a chapter on epistemology. In this chapter, he introduced different theorists but highlighted Hayek’s theory of fallibilism. He ended the chapter by stating that we can be wrong. He then proceeded to eloquently explain the concepts of freedom and coercion, followed by a lengthy discussion on law and governance. In these chapters, the author identified several situations wherein fallibilism can be applied.

And comes the chapter on poverty. Here, the author stunningly explored a condition of persistent coercion, also known as, Oppression. According to the author, systematic issues in our present capitalist system uplift the wealthy and drags the poor to a state of disadvantage. However, the author argued that there is no point blaming the rich because it is the system that brought this disadvantage. This is the best part of the book.

Lastly, the author explains in the next few chapters, the application of fallibilism in the realm of education, economics, and religion. This book is not that long, but the discussions in every chapter are enough. In summary, I like the book because I learned many terms and concepts about everything under the sun, a real funk!

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