Thursday, April 23, 2020

Tips on working from home

The emphasis is on working!

For the employer:

1. Make sure your company moves all employees to the same broadband ISP

2. Provide everyone with work laptops or let them take their work Desktop home

3. All work is to be done by first logging into the Work server over a VPN

4. Log all Work server logins and all activity done during the login session

5. Internal Audit your VPN settings for every home from which an employee is working

6. I use for 2 meetings a day, at 11:00 am and 7:00 pm, with my Heads of Department, and they use it to have 2 scheduled meetings a day with their team. Either phone or is fine for the rest of the whole day and night, as needed.

7. IP enable your PBX. I am using Nextiva, but AT&T, Verizon, etc. are giving away their own versions right now as well.

Tips for the employee:

1. Use Windows Live Mail for work mail and Gmail for home mail. Both can be used as clients to any work email server or free email service.

2. Use Internet Explorer 11 (not Edge, because although it is much better, some sites may give problems) or Google Chrome.

3. Set up multiple tabs to open automatically when you open the browser. I make sure Work Email is the first tab, Personal Email should be run in a separate browser. Add tabs for, Calendar, on the Work browser, and Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. on the Home browser.

4. If you are a techie company, you may open multiple tabs on both browsers while handling your home (your family, your pets, grocery supplies, etc. etc.) and while working (VPN configuration help, access through your ISP, Dealing with your Work email, etc.)

5. Set up your phone to use a VPN. ExpressVPN is the most used, but it is not totally secure. Check with your company about phone VPN set up.

6. Do not turn your phone screen off. Leave it on until it times out by itself.

7. Install whatever apps you need on your phone. For hardcore techies, refer the following URL to your systems administrator:

8. Lock your study / bedroom / guest room / wherever you do work, while you work. You can unlock and attend to domestic issues as many times a day as you want to or need to.

9. Make sure you DO take times out to spend with your family / pet / favorite TV show / etc.

10. When you take a time out, first save all open tabs on both browsers before you do. That way if your devices run out of power while you are away (but in the middle of something), when you re-start your device, you just need to open both browsers again. In fact set them both (both browsers on both devices) to start when the computer or phone are turned on or rebooted. Also develop a recharging schedule. Do not keep them plugged in all the time (unless it is a Desktop that is always plugged in). Let the charge drop to below 20% before plugging them in for 30 minutes or so (depends on your device).

Good luck with your work-from-home experience! If you need medical help I happen to enable it at If you have nothing to do, take an online course in something you want to learn. Employers, please give your employees a list of courses they can take and pay for the courses if they are related to your work. I am starting a web service named The Kitcoin Club, but I am in the middle of developing it. Techies are invited for contract work if you know HTML, PHP, Python, SQL, and are a member of Github.

P.S. IF you use any Apple products, please donate them to the poor. If you love your Apple device, I don't blame you, but the cost is MUCH more than the price you paid for your expensive devices.

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