Monday, April 20, 2020

A letter to the new CEO of IBM

Dear Mr. Arvind Krishna,


A few Tips from someone who knows that his Tips are not always to be followed:

1. Your only competitor is Oracle-Sun. But with Satya Nadella at Microsoft now, you will soon have another.

2. Find out why dropping EBCDIC in favor of ASCII was a good idea, but had to be forced on IBM by the market.

3. Oracle is beating you in databases because they have a freemium model where they can start developers of for free using MySQL MariaDB, and then graduate to Oracle only when they get commercial.

4. Sun is not beating you in core hardware technology because Mr. Ellison's people don't understand hardware.

5. Focus on Point 4 and increase your lead. For instance, Dante-enable all your AV hardware in hardware and ROM. In fact, just buy Audinate.

6. Make your hardware and software available as a service. Starting from PC's running Windows or Chrome OS simultaneously, and developing a BIOS of your own that tightly integrates both with all hardware that you develop.

7. Develop analog technology. Specifically, analog neural network hardware that is purposed to detect the first derivative of sound and video. Each perceived difference generates a text word of its own, let's name it X, and its converse, namely NOT X. Now we have connected analog perception to digital language.

8. With respect to Point 7, I know you are already doing it, but just buy Mythic AI ( or steal its key people.

9. In databases, make DB2 into a freemium piece of software-as-a-service. Forget MySQL and Maria DB. Try ArangoDB or RethinkDB.

10. Implement Total Quality Management and get the Deming Award for both hardware and software. Because TQM is not about hardware OR software. It is about people. It is about the quality of management, not the management of quality. It is the gold standard for HR in managing a business or managing everyone's personal life.

Well, that's not much, and most of it is already done by other people, but perhaps it will give you a base set of information from which you can discuss with your internal management and technical teams. Remember this is a public forum so Satya Nadella, Safra Catz, and everyone else who cares can access it!


Dr. Karun Philip
Chairman & CEO
Tranquilmoney, Inc.

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