Wednesday, April 15, 2020

My Bio

Kinda late to start a digital marketing effort, but every site wants a short Bio. I don't have one. So I link my long one here: 
Former rock musician (lead guitar, classic rock, covers where they wouldn't come -- India -- Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, America, Lois Armstrong, Shakti, etc.) 
BITS, Pilani, India. Founder of Rocktaves (Wiki on Rocktaves, The 2019 Rocktaves Event
University of Iowa. Artificial Intelligence for automatic recognition of heart walls in CT images with. FEM output for non-invasive cardiac dynamics). PhD when I was 25 years old. My Fuzzy Hough Transform paper seems to have been hijacked (legally, of course) to recognise any suspected criminal's face from webcam feeds from all over the world. My guess is the NSA, of course, but many private projects are using it for not so Savory purposes. Sorry about that! 
Tata Consultancy Services. Combined AI and Document Imaging and workflow to partially automate the paper based workflow of India's largest mutual fund, Unit Trust of India. 
Tranquilmoney, Inc Started my own company to use AI plus a global workforce to manage US Physician Practices and Retail Pharmacies. Just like IBM invented the key card punch process in the 1960's of having two operators punch the same data, and sending mismatches back through the same process again, I use AI and humans in a never ending loop until 100% accuracy is achieved before a healthcare claim is filed, and to match up payments with open claims so that we can follow up (manually and electronically) on the last unpaid penny that due but not paid. We give away our Pratice Management software which is HIPAA certified for privacy, and includes certified Eelectronic Health Records and Tele-health modules. The last one is taking off now because of the global health crisis we all face. 
Author: Zen and the Art of Funk Capitalism (,

Review by MD Tech magazine

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