Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Philosophy of Knowledge

I found an amazing site: !

Two publications are directly related to the topics covered in my book:

Hayek: Cognitive Scientist Avant La Lettre [edit: Before the Degree (was invented)] by Leslie Marsh.


Decentralisation and Poverty in Developing Countries: Exploring the Impact by Holger Osterrieder.

The second is in multiple languages (or at least the version I could download) so I opened it in Adobe, and saved it in MS Word, and selected Review -> Translate into English, and then saved it as a new PDF. Obviously I cannot post the fully English version I got because of Copyright. 

I am working on making all my own research work and book and patent available under Open Licensing. 

See the European Patent Office ( and ZDnet article  Microsoft open-sources its patent portfolio ( for more info.

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